JWS (Customized Wiring Solution)


The management of JMW INDIA has a vision to becoming a leader in OEM Industry by offering customized, very practical, quality oriented and cost effective wiring solutions. We look forward to design wiring solutions as per our client’s need and demand. JMW stands tall with glorious precedence & huge experience of more than 3 decades. . Our 3 decades of business excellence carries the motto, “Empowering business, empowering you”.

Our timely delivery as well as consistent quality has made it easier for us to cater customers’ need. We would also prefer bulk request from original equipment manufacturers, individuals and industrial consumers for customized template designs as per the requirement.

Our manufacturing units have been employed with technical staff to cover customers’ demand aspects. We can also alter the range of our production, based on your feedback and need. We are supposed to usher into a new range of holistic products.

Why Choose Us?
  • Oxide resistant
  • Our consistent quality and promising delivery has been one of our biggest business glares behind being the successor of the northern India and upholding our brand from last 3 decades.
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