Different Functions Of Different Wires And Cables

We all use different electronic appliances in our home and work places. It helps current to travel from one means to another and make our appliances able to perform its tasks. There are many companies who are manufacturing cables and wires of different types, but we should always purchase wires and cables from a trusted brand like JMW who are expert in manufacturing multi core flexible cables at fair prices.

Functioning of different wires
We don’t use the same kind of wires for every electric task; there are many types of wires and cables that perform different works according to its features. Let’s discuss some main types of wires and cable available in the market.

•    Multi core flexible cables- these types of wires constituted with many chords, for example: a cable made up of four coaxial cables. Multi core wires can perform many tasks and can be used in many appliances due to its versatile nature, but they mainly use for those appliances that needs a high volume cable for its functioning.

These flexible as well as strong wires can be used in the oven, Ac, control panels and portable devices.

•    Single core wires- these wires are made up of a single piece of metal, majorly copper and aluminum. They have insulation power and more flexible due to single wire as compared to double or triple core wires.

JMW brand’s single core wires are cost effective and more durable.

•    Copper wires- copper is the best conductor of electricity among other metals, that’s why copper wires are widely used for transmitting power in heating systems, building construction, transport equipments and many more appliances.

It has the ability to resist heat; hence bare copper wires are used for internal wiring of many devices.

From where to buy durable cables and wires?
The wiring is the main step for installing any appliance; we should never compromise with its quality. It should be bought from the most authentic brand JMW, one of the best copper wires manufactures in Delhi. Contact us if you are looking for the single core wire manufacturer at affordable prices.

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