Top Electric Safety Rules Explained By JMW, One Of Best Cable Wire Dealers In Delhi

We all want to keep our home safe, but never do anything. Thousands of people in India got critically injured due to electrical fire and accident in their own home every year. One of the major causes of these accidents is cheap wires and cables.

We all know electricity has become such a necessary part of our life that we can’t even imagine our life without it. But we are taking electrical safety for granted and using cheap wires and cables. JMW is one of the best cable wire dealers in Delhi, who want to some golden rules to use electricity safely.

Keep your family safe, just follow these golden rules
•    Never ever plug the bunch of electrical appliances in single extension cord because it could damage the electrical system in your house or even cause fatal accidents due to fire. So, never overload electrical outlets with too many items.

•    Don’t yank the wire and cable from the socket as it can damage the socket and can damage the appliance plug. Always turn off the appliances and then remove the cable from the socket.

•    Consider installing a good quality wire and cable in your home to avoid electrical damage and sparking in plugs. Always use best quality copper wire for your home in order to keep your family safe from electrical accidents.

•    Extension boards should be used on a temporary basis, as they are not a permanent wiring solution. Your children may get a shock or mouth burn due to bad quality extension boards.

•    Use right quality ISI marked wires and cables for a particular purpose, such as use submersible wires for submersible use to avoid any fatal accidents.

JMW reminds you the best way to keep your family protected against the risk of electrical fires. We are the best steel wires manufacturers in Delhi, who is known to provide best services and products in Delhi NCR. One can buy wires and cables from JMW to avoid fatal accidents with their families.

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