The Best Building Wire Manufacturer Is Defining The Difference Between Wires And Cables

One of the most asked questions on the internet these days is ‘what is the difference between wires and cables’. Yes, we all know that wires and cables are not the same thing, but do you know the difference. If not, then this blog will definitely help you to know the best difference between wires and cables.

The post is brought to you by JMW Kabels, a leading electric cable manufacturer in India. Many of you brought wires and cables for your home, but are terms that are often confused, so let’s proceed further and know the difference.



What is wire?
Wire is a single conductor generally used in electrical instruments. Copper is the mostly used conductor used in wires because they are highly resistant as well as low cost. They are usually measured by looking at the diameter. There are two types of wire; solid and stranded.

Solid wires are single conductor, which are bare or insulated by a protective colored sheet while strands of stranded wire are twisted together and used where the flexibility and durability is important.

What is cable?
A cable on the other hand, consists of two or more insulated conductors wrapped together in one jacket. Cables are classified according to the number of wires it contained. There are various types of cables, including twisted pair cable, coaxial cable, fiber optics cable and multi-conductor cable.

Cables have positive or hot lines in them that carry electricity and telecommunication signals. The cables are marked with letters and numbers, which indicate the type of insulation that helps you to find the correct wire for a particular purpose.

So, these are the basic difference between wires and cables and I hope you would be able to recognize the difference between wires and cables. Now, you would not have to use cable and wire interchangeably     because now you can clearly understand the meaning and works of both the things. If you are looking to buy wires and cables, then you can buy it from JMW, best building and submersible cable manufacturer in India.

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