How Wires And Cables Are Categorized? Know The Answer By Best Building Wires Manufacturers

Electricity is as important as oxygen, for life. Our daily needs are linked with electricity. Power plays an important role in our life. Everything is run by electricity whether it is fan, washing machine, geyser, Television, or Air Conditioner. To run these things wires plays more strategic role to transmit power in our home, schools and offices.

Use good quality wires and cables to avoid dangers
While laying wires in a building, we must check the quality and specification of wires and cables. Some builders take it carelessly which results to dangerous accidents in the future and take up more money to repair. However, to avoid these dangers in future you must choose wires manufactured by best Building wires Manufacturer while electrical fitting.

Wires and cables you are selecting should not only reliable and durable for a long time; it should be safe for customers also. You should not compromise with your safety while choosing wires and cables.

Wires and cables categories
Wires and cables are categorized into FR (Fire Retardant), EFFR (FR PVC Extra Flexible), HFFR (Halogen Free Flame Retardant), FRLS (Fire retardant Low Smoke), HRFR (Heat Resistant Flame Retardant) and FRLSH (Fire Retardant Low Smoke and Low Halogen).

FRLSH wires are meant to stay away from short circuits, fire and other accidental reasons. These wires are home safe against fire, smoke and short circuit. The electrical fitting should strictly do by a professional electrician. Never buy cheap electric wires in order to save money. Our safety is in our own hand, never compromise with your safety.

Buy best quality wires and cables
One of the best electric cable manufacturers in India is JMW cables. JMW Cables are wholesale Wires and Cables Suppliers in Delhi NCR.  JMW’s first priority is the safety of their customers. JMW manufacture building wires, single core wires, multi core wires and submersible cables. So if you want to buy standardized wires and cables in Delhi NCR, then you can go with JMW cables. They are 100% safe for your family.

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