Wire And Cable Installation Tips From Single And Multi-Core Wire Manufacturer

While installing wires and cables, there is always a risk involved. The risk includes fire, shock, and loss of property, if the wires are not installed considering the right installation tips. One of the most common things that make the wire and cable installation difficult is the number of procedures that people don’t observe.

JMW, an electrical wire manufacturer is introducing the following important points that you must consider while installing wires and cables at home.

Safety procedures to follow

•    Make sure the power is off
Check the power button is off before starting any kind of electrical work. It is very important to put an easy notice that you are working on the electricity.

If it is possible, then lock the breaker. Always stay active and keep the mind sharp before working on the electricity.

•    Always wear safety glasses
Covering your eyes is must while dealing with electricity because the sparks can cause harm to your eyes. You must wear long gloves and thick soled shoes for your own safety.

Keep yourself safe while working with electricity to avoid hazardous accidents.

•    Test first and then start work
Use tester to test the wires and connections before you begin working on electricity.


Keep all important tools with you including wire cutter, voltage tester, stripper, needle nose pliers and others.Having the right tool for wire installation is important.

Before you close up everything, check your work. As a technician, you must follow all safety protocols. Always use good quality wires and cables for the longevity of the work. Be prepared and check the work as you go.

Best wire and cables to install
You can use JMW wires and cable for installation, as they are manufactured by best electrical wire cable manufacturer in North India. They are one of a trusted wire and cables supplier in Delhi NCR, so next time when you install wire in your home, use JMW copper insulated wires.

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