How To Determine Building Wire, Know The Tips Today

The term wire and cables are not the same, their nature and properties are different. It is very important to determine the type and nature of wire before using it. There are different types of wires and cable available in the market. But the more demanding wire is Building wire, these are commonly known as electrical wire. These wires include cabling associated devices like socket, switches, light fitting, etc. JMW Kables is Building Wire Manufacturer in Delhi, which is going to help you determine building wires and cables.


Let’s understand the characteristics of a building wire

Wire size
Every application or appliances need a certain wire size for installation, and the right size of wire is determined by its wire gauge. The common sizes available in the building wire are 10, 12, and 14.

Letters on wire
There are few letters printed on the building wire which helps in determines its properties like XHHN, THW, THWN and THHN which represents the following
X – Synthetic polymer that is flame resistant, N – Nylon coating (Oil and gas resistant), W – Preferred in a wet location, HH – High heat resistant, H- Heat resistant, T – Thermoplastic Insulation.

Types of wires
There are many kinds of building wire available in the market, usually 5 types of wire like Triplex wire, Main feeder wire; Panel feed wire, non – metallic sheathed wire, and single strand wire.

Color of wire
The properties of wires are determined by its colors, different colors serve different purposes. The colors which are available for building wires are Black, red, yellow, blue, white and bare copper color.

Wire Gauge
To fix the correct wire it is very important to understand the wattage and capacity of a wire. Wire gauge is basically the size of a wire and capacity, which tells that how much load can a wire takes.

These are some points by which one can easily determine the building wire. They are most preferred wires, hence they are professionally making wires. JMW Kables are Electric Cable Manufacturer in Delhi known for its quality. We are providing supreme quality wires and cables for a long time.

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