Different Types Of Building Wires Described By JMW Kabels

Building wires are also known as electrical wires these wires are specially designed for use in outdoor location and for large applications. Building wires have different colors, type and gauges. A huge variety of building wires available in the market, according to different needs.

We are an Electric Wire and Cable Manufacturer in Delhi, which provides you the best quality wires and it is our duty to tell you each and everything about wires and cable, so that is why we have brought this blog to describe different types of wires and cables.

Let’s understand the different types of building wires

• Non metallic sheathed cable
These cables are known as non metallic building wires. They are usually covered in a plastic jacket with two or four wires inside.

The special variety available for this wire is mostly used in underground and for outdoor purposes.

• Metallic sheathed cable
These wires are used to supply the main electricity or for large appliances.

These cables are used in high stress installation and most often used in outdoor applications.

• Underground Feeder Cable
These cables are similar to non metallic sheathed cables. Instead of each wire being individually wrapped, they are grouped together with a flexible material.


The gauge variety available in underground feeder cable is used in outdoor lighting and in ground applications.

• Multi conductor cable
These cables are usually used in home as these cables are well insulated. These cables can feature more than one conductor.

The outer layer of this wire is covered with extra security to provide more protection to your home.

• Ribbon Cable
These cables are mostly used in computer and peripherals. These wires run parallel to each other.

These wires are resemblance of flat ribbons and very flexible and can only handle low voltage applications.

• Twin Lead Cable

These are light load taking cables which are often used in transmission between receiver and antenna like radio and TV.

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