Why Copper Wire Is Better Than Aluminum Wire?

Aluminum and Copper are the most preferred metal used in making wires and cables. They both are good conductor of electricity, but due to some reason copper have become more preferred metal to use in wires and cables. Cable and Wire Manufacturer are aware of the quality of both the metals, hence many reputed companies only manufacture copper wires due to its high demand.

Both Aluminum and Copper are a good material to use, but copper used in making wire and other electrical equipment is normally pure. Copper is physically light material, hence it gives flexibility to the wires.

Electric capacity is the major concern while choosing from aluminum and copper. Copper has the best properties as compared to aluminum

Metal Weight
Both the metals serves light weight, but the reason copper is most preferred metal among any other metal is that it is lighter than aluminum and copper offers the best electrical capacity as compared to aluminum.

Other consideration
There are many other considerations like making cost, transportation cost, etc., which can affect the quality of wires. Copper is relatively cheaper than aluminum, which saves manufacturing cost and a lightweight and flexible material, hence it also saves transportation cost.

These points can make us understand that why copper is the preferred metal as compared to aluminum. Copper has many other electrical benefits. JMW Kabels is wire and cable manufacturing and Suppliers in Delhi NCR which give best quality wires. Our trusted quality makes us the most preferable brand.

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