Electrical Wire colors And Its Conductivity

Electrical wire is the most preferred wire among households. Building wires are also known as electrical wires and these wires are specially designed for outdoor use and for large applications. Building wires have different colors, type, and gauges. There are a variety of wires and cables available in the market, as there are many Electric Cable Manufacturer who manufactures electrical wire due to its high demand.

Let us understand the wire colors and its conductivity.

• White colored Non-sheathed wire
The white non-sheathed wire is a 14 gauge wire.

These wires are used in 15 amp circuits in lightning, as Lightning circuits are normally used for this sized wire.

• Yellow colored Non-sheathed wire
The yellow colored wire is a 12 gauge wire and it is rated for 20 amp circuits.

These wires are usually used in power outlets and appliances.

• Orange colored Non-sheathed wire
An orange colored wire is a 10 gauge wire. These wires can take up to 30 amps of load.

These loads include water heater, air conditioner, and any other 30 amp load appliance.

• Black colored Non-sheathed wire
A black colored wire is used for 6 and 8 gauge wire. 8 gauge wire is good for 45 amp circuits, while 6 gauge wire is capable of handling 60 amp circuits.

The gauge wire is better for a feeding a sub panel. It all depends upon the load on the application.

• Gray colored Non-sheathed wire
Gray colored wire is used to designate the cables for underground installation.

These wires are mostly water-resistant and oil and sunlight resistant.

Wires and cables are an important part of the household, it is very important to buy a good quality wire for safety purpose. JMW Kables are Electric Wire and Cable Manufacturer in Delhi, which provides you the best quality wires and cables.

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